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It’s the most wonderful time…to save money

Hello new home owners and future home owners! As we all know, being a home owner means there is always something we need to fix/buy. Sometimes we get lucky and when we need to buy something new, it’s at the right time for us to buy.

What does that even mean, “the right time for us to buy.” Coming from a retail background, there are always better times to buy specific items. This is considered POST peak buying times. an example of this would be buying an air conditioner in the winter, January time frame. Or buying a lawn mower in September. These are the times to take advantage of clearance items, but most people don’t. They think, “Why would I buy that now…where will I store it?” When they should be thinking, “I remember how bad this year was with my crappy lawn mower, I should buy one before next year!”

Another great opportunity is during the biggest sales of the year, when retailers get “into the black and out of the red.” Black Friday kicks off the biggest and best deals for the holiday season. Knowing that, now is the time to capitalize on buying needs/potential needs in the next year. Now I’m not telling you to go buy because there is a good deal, but if you think you need something before next year, utilize these sales to save yourself hundreds when you do need that item!

Items to consider during the holiday sales:

* Appliances! – several stores put out tons of savings on all appliances. Think your fridge can make it another year? How about that washer or dryer you have been mad at for the past 2 years.

* Televisions/electronics – These are the biggest items marketed in every store. You can find a new electronic toy anywhere you look during the holidays, now is the time to SAVE big $$ on a new purchase.

* Gas grills – Some areas these are big savings because of the holidays; other areas of the country – stores are trying to get these out of their backrooms and show floors! Gobble up those savings!

* Tools – Home improvement stores have tons of tools on sale for those DIY individuals to the basic needs of being a home owner.

I can provide you with a month to month guide on when to buy specific items; a great tip is to always look at the clearance section in your favorite stores. If you want to be proactive, look at the show floors in their seasonal sections; what is specialized now goes on clearance in a month! Set your calendars for reminders to come back and SAVE!

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